We are a boutique company delivering data and infrastructure driven solutions with a high skilled team.
“You can rely on our Remote DBA’s team to increase the efficiency of your team and database platform with round the clock customer service”

About Us

We are a company who specialise in the servicing of Open Source Databases. Our mission is to resolve problems in the world of databases. We provide remote support, training and database management. We streamline and increase efficiency of our clients’ technical processes by looking at their scalability and architecture.

We have a highly skilled senior team qualified in mysql , linux infrastructure on the cloud and Big Data ready and available to improve database performance and management and provide cost effective technical solutions. Our objective is to be a strategic ally for our clients, not only within the field of databases, but also by providing infrastructure for IT operations in general. We provide consultancy services, support and training in Latin America.

Our aim is to provide the stability, consistency and performance of your databases by providing the correct infrastructure. We work continuously with your infrastructure and development team to complete these tasks. Binlogic has many years of experience and is well known in the market place for completing these objectives. We also have partners and strategy associates who provide an exceptionally high level of service.

Binlogic provides the following services: Remote Support, Consultancy and training for MySQL, MongoDB and Hadoop. We are the most experienced company in Latin America and are specialists in Data Stack and RDBMS technologies such as NoSQL and Hadoop. We are well respected in our field and we organise many events related to these technologies, its because of this we were awarded the MySQL Community Corporate Award in 2014