Our solutions are intrinsically related to databases, such as providing high availability to them, scalability, back-up process improvements, designing / redesigning architectures in the face of the growing changes your business can experience. We implement implementations and analysis in the area of business intelligence, with software of columnar databases, NoSQL or Big Data technologies with Hadoop (In many cases the area of development or the infrastructure are linked and these solutions that we offer impact in these sectors)


Our consulting services are designed to analyze in detail the different problems and concerns that our customers may have within their infrastructure.
We work proactively with your team so that we can clarify all the doubts that exist in projects in production, such as those where it is necessary to be able to analyze All the key points before going to production. We analyze your platform in order to anticipate problems that may occur in your database infrastructure or in the analysis of existing problems.
The consultancy is focused on providing all the necessary elements for making decisions that affect the infrastructure of your company, in order to Recommend the best changes to the configurations of your database servers as MySQL, MongoDB or Hadoop or capacity and continuity analysis. Among others we can mention analysis of schemas, queries, replication, cluster and other related to performance. Our services also include consultancy for technologies such as Big Data, Amazon AWS, Sphinx Search and SolR, Data Architecture, Automation of infrastructure services and Business Intelligence

Our consulting services are aimed at clarifying all doubts when the client requires specific needs such as:

  • Analysis for high availability
  • Scalability analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Infrastructure services in the cloud
  • Amazon AWS
  • Openstack
  • Process automation
  • Hadoop Capacity planning
  • MySQL Health Check
  • MongoDB Consulting