Our Services

We provide “pay as you go” support solutions for MySQL and other databases. We have support staff available who will respond within 20 minutes of your call.

Binlogic offers a range of services aimed to optimize database servers which use MySQL, Hadoop and MongoDB. We analyse/assess your existing setup and can assist with design strategy, scalability, back up and data recovery policies.

We aim to optimize your database layer and generate architectural platform diagrams to bring high availability and performance to your databases.
In a market where MySQL has seen recent changes and past acquisitions, here at Binlogic we can guarantee the continuity and functionality of your projects that use MySQL or MariaDB and Percona server as a your main database servers, assuring the right support.

We also offer open source solutions for the whole stack of your infrastructure like NoSQL solutions with MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra and Redis among different databases or full text search technologies like Elastic Search or SolR.

To achieve the our goal of excellence in our deployments we cannot ignore the importance of operative systems and the how we orchestrate and deliver the automation of the infrastructure on premise or in the cloud with tools like ansible and puppet. We offer a boutique service working side by side using technologies like slack and many other tools to have a great communication since the knowledge is not the complete solution for our companies, the communication and feedback makes our stack of services and solutions unique to deliver professional services.


Service Offering

  • Consulting Services

  • MySQL & MariaDB Support

  • MySQL Remote DBA

  • Asset Management

  • NoSQL & Big Data

  • Amazon AWS

  • Openstack

  • Training Services

  • Hadoop Capacity planning

  • MySQL Health Check

  • MongoDB Consulting

  • Automation and Infrastructure Orchestration

  • Monitoring Solutions with Influx, Grafana, Prometheus, Kibana