Remote DBA for MySQL MariaDB; MongoDB

Have an external team available 24 hours that is able to work proactively with your team of people giving you the most expertise in database technology to capitalize on the effort in higher performance of your database servers.
Binlogic Team


Remote DBA or Remote Support, What’s the Difference?

What can I need a remote support for?

Normally when you already have a DBA team and the daily operations tasks are not usually complex, remote support is an ideal alternative to have coverage that emergencies, problems or just technical doubts, your company creates a ticket or schedule a call and Binlogic resolves that concern by specifying possible solutions.

In which cases is a RemoteDBA required?

hen the complexity of your operations merits having a team of DBAs that are monitoring their services permanently, or have a team that can proactively generate greater results for the database platform.

How is the service provided?

This service begins with an audit of our team to understand the operation of its platform, applications, hardware, architecture and thus to have a vision not only of the infrastructure in general but of the needs of the business to be able to provide our expertise and work inside of the priority areas.

Within the different options of the services of Remote DBA we can mention:

  • Horas de Consultoría
  • Backups Configuration
  • Hadoop Consulting
  • Backup Validation
  • 24 Hours Monitoring
  • Health Checks
  • Proactive optimization and maintenance
  • Incident reports
  • On-demand and proactive tasks

    The tasks that are offered in RDBA services can be on demand when the client requests specific interventions or requests consulting hours that are included in the service according to the plan or proactive tasks that are identified previously in the initial engagement with our clients or Because they were identified by the constant monitoring as they can be improvements in the configuration, optimization of indexes, consultations, etc.

    Within the diversity of tasks performed by our team we can mention:


    Often devalued, updates can introduce new bugs, performance issues, cause downtime or simply change system behavior. Our DBA’s team can help you set up and update your database by maximizing service availability time


    Migrations are always complex and can cause severe downtime and require proper planning. The remote DBA team can help you migrate your database or migrate to new hardware efficiently, in a short time and with a minimum period of inactivity.


    The Remote DBA team can help you with best practices in setting up and managing users, authentication and permissions to keep your system secure.

    High Availability

    Our remote DBA team can implement high availability in your environment that guarantees service continuity superior to 99.9%

    Data model management

    Schema alterations; Change tables definition, add tables, delete tables. All with minimal downtime (if the original architecture allows) as needed.

    Query Optimization

    Do your users complain about the performance of the database? Before upgrading your servers, let our DBAs analyze your queries and their data schemas, you’ll be amazed at how many enhancements are possible without the need to upgrade hardware or software.

    Backups and Data Restore

    The remote DBA team can help you recover your databases from possible errors, whether using backups or other means, depending on the nature of the error.



    All Remote DBA plans include consulting hours, we believe that constant analysis of the data platform provides our customers with excellent results and exposing our proactive service, which translates into improvements in architecture, data schemas, backup policies , Migrations and operations tasks in order to improve the performance of their servers.

    24-hour DBA

    Our DBAs are available 24 hours a day to perform controls or operations providing a return on investment when hiring our services.

    Backup Services

    We include in our services CloudBackup® the backup solution developed by Binlogic guaranteeing the highest standards to manage your backups, enforcement policies, retention, unify in one place the control and reports of your backups and control what backups are Validate, since performing backups does not imply that those backups are working properly.

    Monitoring Services

    Our services ensure that your servers are monitored 24 hours and connected to our alarm systems to take action before any circumstances previously defined with our customers and how to operate to ensure business continuity.