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Big Data Services

In a world where the volume of data is rapidly increasing, business needs are constantly changing and companies are faced with huge competition. Business knowledge is paramount where traditional reports or classic reporting tools are no longer sufficient in order to give your company a competitive edge. To stay ahead organisations must start to take advantage of transforming data, whether it’s generated internally or externally, and be able to anticipate the needs of the market, predicting results in your business, being able to analyse information patterns as well as reacting to events in real time.

We are focused on providing constructive solutions for partner businesses as well as providing assistance from strategy to completion. This allows companies to develop an integrated information system, which is cohesive within the world of data management, it combines current BI platforms with the Hadoop ecosystem and other Big Data technologies. Binlogic’s Big Data Analytics department is dedicated to increasing business knowledge and taking business analysis to the next level. By offering services and solutions provided by the Hadoop ecosystem and its support technology as well as NoSQL technologies like Spark Cassandra, MongoDB and Couchbase. We get the best results for our clients. We train organizations by transforming their Raw Data, which is generated from logs, metadata, and all possible information to make the best analysis of this data required by their business. Our services and solutions allow a deeper analysis and provide information that can innovate and give your company a competitive advantage. What makes us different/stand out from other organizations is our ability to be innovative and to understand our clients using our know how in Hadoop and other NoSQL tools. This guarantees the success of our operations. We use Hadoop for: Cases that require social media analysis, log analysis, raw data, client behaviour forecasting models, for online (e-commerce recommendations, logs, Google analytics) and in the collection and interpretation of intelligence by using ETL processes, where the large volume of data found on Hadoop is not only a place where it can be laid out and fault tested but it’s also an ecosystem that is capable of generating important intelligence for your company. We offer consultancy and development using Hadoop allowing companies to tackle Big Data processing challenges head on. As a CLOUDERA partner, our experts can tailor their unique vision and help with all aspects/elements needed for implementing Hadoop; from its installation and architecture to its configuration and optimisation. Hadoop emerged as one of the best ways of managing large quantities of data. It provides a reliable, scalable, flexible and fault tolerant solution for companies who are looking to change the dynamic and the economy usually associated with “Scale Computing”. Binlogic has extensive design experience of Hadoop, our handling of the architecture, development and deployment makes us the company that you need to make sure that you are making the best use of your Big and Business Intelligence. We can make it happen..

We can help you with:

  • Hadoop Remote Consulting & Support
  • Hadoop Implementation
  • Hadoop Consulting
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Architecture Strategy
  • Architecture Design
  • Configuration & Optimization
  • Custom Big Data Solutions
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Mining & Aggregation
  • Real Time Analytics