MySQL/MariaDB & MongoDB Managed Services

Discover the benefits of outsourcing or using our managed services

Support for popular ProxySQL & Maxscscale

Support for MaxScale, ProxySQL , HAProxy & MySQL Proxy

Query Tuning & Schema Optimizations

Improve your slow log queries for MariaDB or MySQL or we can check you data structures to achieve the best performance

Improve Database monitoring

Are you looking for a complete solution to monitor your servers using Prometheus Grafana and Influx? We deliver Ad Hoc Installations upon your needs

24x7 Support

Our engineers have strong expertise ans skill to be your partners and discover the best options to re invent your aws services or any other providers so your company can take the best of the public or private clouds.

Performance Tuning

Improving your configuration and environment variables to get the most of your hardware or instances.


You can choose to have our monitoring solutions as a service or you we can install a full customized monitoring and alerting solution using Grafana, Prometheus, Influx and combining this and tools like Sensu, Pager Duty


Our team works in a staff level with your team your team helping, planning, diagnosing, auditing, monitoring, and troubleshooting daily issues to be a step forward of any critical problem that you may find.

We also deliver monitoring solutions with the depth that is required, an example of this can be to measure the performance of as many variables as possible in MySQL, APACHE, Operating System, Redis, Cassandra, Riak, Memory and all variables that can be monitored, etc.
  • We maintain a constant communication with your team to have a clear understanding of your business and working process.
  • We help to improve monitoring and deployment process to keep a good track of any changes.
  • Our proactive work helps to detect an issue to work with our consulting team and leverage better plans or implementations to make solid infrastructure.

Remote DBA Proactive Assignements

  • Backup configuration
  • Continuous 24 hour monitoring via Grafana (Depending Service Plan)
  • Hadoop Consulting
  • Regular Health Checks
  • Optimization and proactive maintenance
  • Architecture Design
  • Configuration & Optimization
  • Status, Consistency and Latency checks for the replicated environments
  • Responses to monitoring alerts and other problems
  • Regular/daily incident reports
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Slack Teams

Low level Operations ( Consulting) and proactive tasks assignments


Regular updates can create new errors, problems with performance, create periods of inactivity or simply change the system's behaviour. Our DBA team can help you to configure and update your database with the minimum amount of fuss.


Migrations are always complex and can cause long periods of inactivity, they require thorough planning. The remote DBA team can help you to migrate your database to a new hardware system in an efficient way, in the quickest time and with the shortest period of inactivity


The remote DBA team can help you by providing the best means of configuration and user management, authentication and permissions to maintain a secure system.

High Availability

Our remote DBA team can implement HA in your environment which guarantees the continuous, uninterrupted running of the service by more than 99%

Data Model Management

Our remote DBA team can implement HA in your environment which guarantees the continuous, uninterrupted running of the service by more than 99%

Query Optimizations

Do you users complain about the Database performance? Before updating your servers, allow our DBA team to analyse your queries and database schema as, you will be surprised by how many improvements can be made without needing to update hardware or software